Age no barrier to carve out a career in fencing

October 2023

Lachaidh puts in a few kilometres of fencing every year. Agricultural and predator exclusion fences stretch across some of New Zealand’s most spectacular coastline. Read more.

Working along the Woodville-Ashhurst Highway

October 2023

Amy and Nick approach fencing the same as farming, looking at ways to be innovative, to learn and grow. That’s where their motto of working smarter rather than harder comes in. Read more.

Bringing Imagination to Life in Iowa

October 2023

“The ST400i is one of those tools— It pays itself off real quick. My crew love it and it makes my life a lot easier.” says Justin Nary, owner of Taylor Fencing in Iowa. Read more

Down to the wire

September 2023

“Repair work or new work, the ST400i post stapler is really useful, definitely speeds things up and saves the arm from stapling away.” Read more

Volunteers build fence in countdown to show time

July 2023

“I don’t think people understand how easy running the Stockade stapler makes getting work done until they actually have it in their hands and are using it.” says Jon Dowling, owner of Jon’s Ranch Fencing in Walla Walla. Read more

Great Teamwork and Technique in Golden Bay

June 2023

Angela and Dave Jacobsen from Golden Bay Fencing have been hanging gates up near Black Marble Quarry for a long time. For women coming into the practical side of the industry, Angela says hands-on fencing is really about technique.

Robert Littrell talks curves in Kentucky

May 2023

Moving from the pneumatic ST400 to owning another two of the gas-powered ST400i cordless staplers was a no brainer for Robert Littrell, owner of Sticks Fencing in Central Kentucky.

Reflections from the Fall Fence Forum 2022

November 2022

It was an event where encouragement, hands on practice and lengthy discussions were had. From how to build a fence to best practices, while also keeping your business successful.

Getting down to business at the Fall Fence Forum 2022

October 2022

The Fall Fence Forum held in Worthington Indiana, once again, was a star event on fencing contractors’ calendars across the US running from Oct 6-8, 2022. The Forum, run by Luke and Leslie Gibson, is considered as one of the most practical business and networking off-site opportunities for everything “fence”. While not everyone could have… Continue Reading»