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Stockade produces superior fence staplers, staples, and wire fastening systems for agricultural and horticultural applications.

World leaders in Powered Fence Post Stapler Guns

St400i Feature Image

Fencing Post Stapler Systems

Professional fencers tool of choice for wire fence post applications. Superior power, flexibility, and accuracy delivers consistent results for 9 Gauge (4mm) stapling. 

Stockade Ringfast Pneumatic Ring Fastener Tool with Case. It comes ready for use, just connect one of your hoses to the Ringfast tool and the other to the compressor.

Pneumatic & Jambro Ring Tools

Reduces manual effort and improves productivity when ringing fences.

St315i Feature Image

Fencing Dropper Stapler Systems

Adjustable depth of drive provides flexibility, accuracy, and a superior quality finish for stapling 3.15mm staples into droppers.

St400 And St315 Staples Clear Cut

4mm and 3.15mm Fencing Staples

Stockade’s 90% Zinc, 10% Aluminium pre-galvanised 240gm heavy-duty coat provides superior corrosion resistance.

Get consistent results every time with a Stockade Fence Stapler Gun


“These Stockade fence stapling guns are just so much better than hand hammering, so much quicker. You just save so much time. It is unbelievable.”

Greg Tapscott – Tapscott Rural Fencing, South Australia

Alan Fenwick - Using the Stockade pneumatic fencing gun.

“The ST400i fencing stapler gun has actually got us work. We have had numerous jobs where people said if we put the posts in they would put the wire up and then we’ve said, ‘well we have got this stapler tool’ and we have given them a bit of a demo and it’s actually got us work.”

Alan Fenwick – AJ & DL Fenwick Agricultural Contractors, Victoria

Project Awhitu – New Zealand

We challenged Tony and Murray, two fencing contractors from White Fencing in New Zealand, to a race to see who could staple 10 posts faster. The challenge took place on a deer exclusion fencing project on the Awhitu Peninsula in New Zealand, the fence was 2.5km long and 1900mm high built with 13-190-15 Staytight deer and dawn fence netting.

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