Superior Corrosion Resistance – 90% Zinc 10% Aluminium 240gm Heavy coat provide superior corrosion resistance

Holding Power – wire tensile strength and divergent point design enhances holding power

Robust Collation – water proof collation tape for all weather performance

Stapling System – Staple design optimised for delivery with Stockade driver blade to minimise damage to staple crown

St400i Staples Loading

4mm Barbed and Plain Fencing Staples

  • Compatible with ST400i and ST400 Stapler Systems
  • Superior Corrosion Resistance
  • Divergent Point Design
St315i Staples Loading 1

3.15mm Barbed and Plain Fencing Staples

  • Compatible with ST315i and ST315 Stapler Systems
  • Superior Corrosion Resistance
  • Divergent Point Design


St400 And St315 Staples Clear Cut (7)

Durable by Design

“We designed and trialed a number of iterations over years: different coatings and leg designs. Ultimately, we were in pursuit of increased durability. Every farmer would expect their fence to stand up for at least 30 years, so should their staple.”

Graeme Young
Stockade Product Development Engineer, New Zealand

The Halo Project – New Zealand

Choosing the correct staples is extremely important when it comes to the life of a fence, and even more so when you are building a fence in coastal areas that are subject to extreme elements such as salt spray. That’s why Nick Terry from Custom Fencing in New Zealand chose to use Stockade fencing staples on this 35km 8 wire batten fence project that he recently completed at Murderer’s Beach in Otago.

Stockade fencing staples provide superior corrosion resistance

Stockade fencing staples deliver superior durability on the fence line. This is no accident. It is how they were designed.

Stockade’s investment into creating a truly superior staple runs in tandem with its premium cordless tool development and forms part of a total system to deliver superior, consistent results on the fence line.

Engineered to perform and run in your Stockade fencing gun. Stockade fencing staples for battens/stays/droppers or other fencing applications such as cladding, predator control fencing, wineries, pet enclosures, poultry fencing, rural livestock fencing, medium mesh, heavy mesh, and heavy woven fencing.