Ian Newman, the 2023 Stockade New Recruit Challenge winner

B Interview 23

Ian Newman, the 2023 Stockade New Recruit Recipient, took some time between worksites to partake in a Quick Fire Interview. Ian and his wife, TJ own and operate Double N Ranch Supply in Moses Lake, WA. Previously Ian worked for Double N Ranch Supply but has since purchased the business. As the Stockade New Recruit Recipient, Ian received accommodations and his registration for the Fall Fence Forum paid in full. To be selected as the Stockade New Recruit, Ian applied – and made quite the impression on the Stockade Team with his application. With aspirations of gaining new ideas and growing his brand, Ian was able to learn tips and techniques from some of the best in the trade this fall in Worthington, IN. When Ian, and his wife, TJ aren’t working they are busy keeping up with their 3 children and their sport of choice, rodeo. Two of their children complete in college rodeo, and one is competing in high school rodeo

Prior to attending, we asked Ian what he was looking forward to the most about the Forum – Networking with new people and new ideas. Ian has never been to anything like the Fall Fence Forum before, and for years has been wanting to try something like this. He is excited to see what the buzz is about, and meet some great people involved in the industry. “We have our own way of doing things, and we want to learn some new techniques”.

Fence building has been part of Ian’s professional career for years. His favorite type of fence to build is high-tensile electric wire, although he admits he doesn’t get to do too much of that these days. “It was the first type of fence I learned to build”. Lately barbed wire has been his most popular install. “We are in a dry part of Washington, a lot of range ground and fires recently, people are putting in barbed wire to replace fences.”

Ian traveled over 2,000 miles to attend the Fall Fence Forum in Worthington, Indiana. This may be a long stretch for some – but Ian has been across the world before. He spent 9 months working on 3 ranches in Queensland, Australia while in college through an Ag exchange program. The trip down under sparked his interest in the cattle industry.

Not many can say they are living their dream, but for Ian he is! When asked what his dream job was – he said he is living it! Working for himself, being his own boss, building fence is what he has always wanted to do. He does admit he would love to build fence in a place without rocks – but other than that one small request he is quite literally living the dream. He and his wife had a goal to own the business he had worked for, and they made that dream come true 18 months ago.

We asked Ian the most important piece of advice for someone just entering the fence industry,

“always try and keep an open mind – we get into a rhythm of doing things and sometimes an open mind is better because there might be a better, more efficient way of doing things”.

Not only is Ian looking forward to learning new techniques and networking – but he also will be bringing with him a wealth of knowledge to the forum to share with others.

We were very excited to welcome Ian, and all new attendees to the Fall Fence Forum. It was great to see everyone sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience with those also attending the forum for the first time.

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