Rocking it in Rockbridge: Q&A with Jake Wilson of Wilson Fence LLC from the Shenandoah Valley, Lexington, Virginia, USA

October 2022

Our team caught up with Jake Wilson of Wilson Fence LLC from the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, USA to talk all things fencing and Stockade. Here’s how it went: Tell me about the Rockbridge County Fencing Project? This job is a challenging project involving fence building, excavating, water crossings, spring development, a 600-foot well drilled, new… Continue Reading»

Farming, Fencing and Family

June 2022

Luke Tarson’s family had looked at a farm in South Otago when he was 12 years old. They missed out on the property – but from the first time he saw the hills and tussock, the young Cantabrian knew he would be back. Eighteen months ago, Luke returned with his wife Rachael. Rachael manages a… Continue Reading»

Andrew Rowe – Rowe Fencing, South Australia

May 2022

Mid North of South Australia, a couple of hours North of Adelaide is home to Rowe Fencing. Andrew and Cathy Rowe built the business up from scratch after the scorching summer of 2002 when Andrew says it simply ‘forgot to rain’. Now, along with their sons Michael and Jacob, they run two teams of four… Continue Reading»

Andrew Peace Wines, Piangil, Vic, Australia

April 2022

Andrew Peace Wines has an ambitious plan to grow the family-owned vineyard to 1000+ ha. Stockade tools are helping them to get there faster and more efficiently. Based in Piangil, Mallee region of Victoria Australia, Andrew Peace Wines is already one of Australia’s largest family-owned wineries. It has grown from humble beginnings to a contemporary,… Continue Reading»

Andy Schoenherr — Country Manager

April 2022

Andy Schoenherr from Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, is the Stockade Country Manager for USA & Canada Andy joined the Stockade team as Product Manager in 2022 and recently took over resposnibility for managing the business in North America. He has spent most of his career working in the agricultural sector , including a 13-year stint with… Continue Reading»

‘Keeping it Clean’ with Nick Beets

April 2022

For ‘Call A Farmer’ fencing contractor Nick Beets, regular cleaning and maintenance is all part of ensuring his Stockade tools are performing at their best and delivering a quality job. Based in Mangawhai on the boundary between Auckland and Northland, Nick is often fencing seven wire batten boundary fences for subdivisions, putting in rail fences,… Continue Reading»

Simple Steady Plan for Annual Apple Growth

April 2022

Manus Boonzaier is growing apples and growing the apple business across the Durham Region, Ontario. The farm manager has seen the Algoma Orchards transform from an average-sized farm into Canada’s largest orchard in eight years. “We decided to expand our business, and from 2013 we began planting around 100-120 acres (30-40Ha) of new orchard every year.… Continue Reading»

Young Gisborne Guns Grab Stockade Tools As They Race To The Finish

March 2022

Seven kilometres of fencing in six days, from start to finish. Laid and completed. About 90 hours’ work for two independent fencing contractors, Tim Garrick and Cory Twigley, and their crew. The Gisborne-based fencers were over in Napier completing a massive line of eight-wire three-batten fence for the main drain that intersects a low-lying farm.… Continue Reading»

Q&A with Tony and Debbie White of White Fencing

March 2022

Tell me about Project Awhitu? Our brief is to pest-proof a valley to keep out wild red and fallow deer. We are working for a local farmer on the Awhitu Peninsula near Pollock, on the South-Western edge of the Auckland province. Through the gap is the Tasman Sea. His plan is to expand into cropping.… Continue Reading»

Fence Crew Grows in Talent and Strength

March 2022

When Genna Allan took a step out from her role as an early childhood educator in Central Otago, she thought giving an old mate a hand in his business might bide some time over the summer. A year on, she is on the tools, fencing everyday across some of New Zealand’s most striking and awe-inspiring… Continue Reading»

Joe Clark – Fencing Contractor, Victoria

February 2022

Joe Clark started JC Fencing Vic Pty Ltd as an owner-operator in 2008. Based at the end of the Great Ocean Road Warrnambool, South-West Victoria, Joe runs a crew of six fencing staff. They work on sheep, beef, and dairy properties, doing farm, electric, and prefabricated ring-lock and netting fences, and take on large-scale construction… Continue Reading»

Technology delivers balance between farm and fence

February 2022

A full day’s work is standard practice for Hamish Gill who is juggling various operations in Western-Central Southland. The livestock farmer runs a 275Ha lamb finishing operation in Otautau-Eastern Bush, finishing around 10-14,000 lambs a year. Another 150Ha is shut up for silage from which he expects to cut 3000 tonnes of the grass during… Continue Reading»

Repair or Replace?

February 2022

Professional contractors are constantly faced with the decision to repair or replace. Ryan Sloop from Sloop Fence, an agricultural contractor based in Mt Ulla, North Carolina, bases his decision on whether to repair or replace on one key constant. “Priority number one is to assess short term versus long term goals for the fence,” he… Continue Reading»

Stockade joins life-changing ag-fence effort in Kentucky recovery

January 2022

Erik Elliott, a Stockade Territory Manager joined his colleagues Brian West and Andy Starnes to help with recovery efforts in the aftermath of Kentucky’s devasting tornado. “For hundreds of miles, Kentucky is rolling hills, horses, and beef cattle. But driving down the road the trees are thrown in a spiral pattern, then no trees whatsoever,… Continue Reading»

The lowdown on the Fall Fence Forum

December 2021

Once again, the Fall Fence Forum, held by Luke and Leslie Gibson and their family in Worthington, Indiana, was a remarkably successful education and networking event. The 2021 Forum expanded to five days this year, with AFA classes, Shoot out competitions, product testing, and demonstrations, and plenty of good banter and camaraderie. Two business owners… Continue Reading»

Jessica Woodcock – Bishop Fencing and Farm Services

December 2021

Bishop Fencing and Farm Services in Somerset, Virginia, offers all types of fencing and fence repair, excavation and grading, earthmoving, water line installation, dump truck hauling, and beekeeping. Run by Caleb Bishop and Jessica Woodcock since 2014, Jessica has been managing the fencing business single-handedly for the last 18 months with work split between government conservation contracts and private fencing.  How did you… Continue Reading»