Speed and safety count in the power business

Utility Poles

Limiting service disruptions and keeping staff safe are two huge priorities for utility providers. So, taking as much as ‘what could go wrong’ out of the equation makes a lot of sense.

Brian West, Stockade Territory Manager says Stockade’s cordless staplers are easier and safer to use than manual hammering in overhead stapling and elevated applications. Power stapling also reduces the likelihood of dropped staples. He says “most people who pick up a Stockade power stapler tool rarely use a hammer again”.

Utility safety consultant, Rick Kennerly has spent nearly 20 years in the industry. He agrees and urges line workers “not to wait for an injury to stop swinging a hammer”.

“Using the Stockade ST400i power stapler can make people’s lives easier and safer. The ST400i is also quick, dependable and a speedy solution for crews to drive staples safely. A line worker can frame a pole with five-staples-to-one with this tool compared with running a hammer. That means less time up a pole — and less downtime with outages.”

“The Stockade cordless ST400i power stapler is rugged and is a nicely built unit. It has proven itself in the utility space. It is the safest, most ergonomic stapling tool and a great product to use. The units are relatively lightweight, and lineman who use them, like them. It is a tough tool suited to multiple environments.”

“The high-quality Stockade staple is an attractive well-made product ensuring long life and stronghold even in salty environments and metal-to-metal contact. Stockade staples come in three sizes. 2inch, 1 ¾ inch, and 1 ½ inch to drive deep into the hardest wood.”

The ST400i is extremely reliable. With a full battery charge, the unit will fire 3000 shots and the full fuel cell lasts 800 shots. The tool can be easily cleaned and maintained to keep it running up to at least 200,000 staples.

“With winter storms and cold bringing extra hazards to line work, the Stockade cordless ST400i power stapler is an attractive tool that is worth having on your wishlist this season.”

Safety engineers, financial and purchasing officers and line crew can all benefit from Stockade’s power stapling tools. The tools can save them time on the job, save money from fewer labor hours and save costs from fewer potential lost-time incidents.

Ask for Stockade by name at your preferred line equipment supplier, or contact info@stockade.com