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Andrew Gardner from Gardner Brothers Land LLC in Bedford, Virginia grew up on a farm and couldn’t help but learn fencing. In 2009, Andrew and his brother Sam saw a niche in the market for a higher-quality product, did some research, backed their own industrious natures, and started fencing commercially. They now run an independent standalone business with eight full-time and two part-time staff specializing in agricultural fences. When not fencing, the brothers are raising 1000 dairy replacement heifers for farmers across the East Coast.

What makes a great fencer?

Attention to detail.

What was the last tool you bought and why?

Nipped back wire cutters because I worked the last ones out. Prior to that, I bought a Stockade ST400i cordless stapler tool over winter. We keep three on the trailer and can’t live without them.

Who has been your greatest teacher or influence over your fencing career?

There is no one place or person. My brother and I grew up on the farm and of course our dad taught us to fence, but the fences we build now are much more advanced. Over the last six or seven years I’ve learned a lot from online groups. A tip here, a tip there, from the guys and girls on fence and ag forums. It all meshes to develop better fencing skills.

What is the most rewarding part of the job?

The satisfaction of presenting a top-quality, fantastic product to the customer with all the nuances that make their fence easier for them to run their business. And it is just fun!

What next?

We use a large quantity of post, wires, everything – and we get decent pricing, so we are probably getting more into distribution. We have started with posts.

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