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Stockade produces the world’s best staplers and wire fastening systems for rural, commercial, and utility applications.

World Leaders in Powered Fence and Utility Post Stapler Guns

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Fencing Post Stapler Systems

Professional fencers tool of choice for wire fence post applications. Superior power, flexibility, and accuracy delivers consistent results for 9 Gauge (4mm) stapling. 

Stockade Ringfast Pneumatic Ring Fastener Tool with Case. It comes ready for use, just connect one of your hoses to the Ringfast tool and the other to the compressor.

Pneumatic & Manual Ring Tools

Reduces manual effort and improves productivity when ringing fences.

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Fence Stapler Guns

Provides flexibility, accuracy, and superior finish for stapling 10½ Gauge staples. The perfect tool for quick repairs or small new builds on hobby farms, dairy farms, or ranches.

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Utility Systems

Work quickly and with increased accuracy, whilst reducing stress on the body with Stockade’s utility stapling systems.

Get consistent results with a Stockade Fence Stapler Gun

Justin Nary - The ST400i Cordless fence stapler gun makes fencing faster, easier, and safer for farmers and fencing contractors. The ST4001 fence stapler gun allows you to fire staples with one hand, allowing you to keep your second hand out of harm’s way.

“We used to hand drive every staple we put in. Now we use a cordless fence stapler and the Stockade ST400i is hands down my favorite tool.”

Justin Nary – Taylor Fencing LLC, Lamoni, Iowa, USA

The ST400i Cordless fence stapler gun makes fencing easier and safer  for farmers and fencing contractors. It is safe and allows you to fire staples with one hand, allowing you to keep your second hand out of harm’s way.

“The ST400i has been a good piece of equipment for us. Any piece of equipment that can make our job easier for us, that can make us more efficient, more profitable – those are the tools we want.”

Ryan Sloop – Sloop Fence, North Carolina, USA

Alleghany County – North Carolina

Check out the ST400i in action with Cox Fencing from Alleghany County, North Carolina where Derrick Cox and his team have been working on a cattle fence build as part of a stream restoration project with Wildlands Construction.

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Matt started with the Stockade ST315 battening tool shortly after it arrived on the scene. When the ST400 pneumatic stapler tool came out, he bought one of those, and he kept going. Talking about the ST400i, he says "Fatigue is way down and the ST400i has made the installers’ lives a lot better".

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