Ryan Sloop, Sloop Fence

North Carolina, USA

Ryan Sloop 01

Sloop Fence in North Carolina specializes in all sorts of agricultural fencing. Owner Ryan Sloop started up Sloop fencing six years ago and now works with four staff. Ryan is passionate about building great fences, a great business, and being a great employer. Originally a career dairy farmer, Ryan applies his knowledge of how animals work into building fences that work well with animal movement.

What makes a great fencer?

The ability to solve problems on the fly. No two fences or projects are the same. Livestock, ground conditions and the environment changes all the time. So, to pick up a problem and throw a solution at it as quickly as possible, then execute that solution efficiently and professionally, that is what sets guys apart who do really well.

What would come as a surprise to most people thinking about starting out in fencing?

What was surprising to me at first was the initial investment in capital to start up, and then the ongoing investment in time to further your craft and stay up-to-date with emerging technologies and techniques to stay competitive.  Every day you need to learn and invest time into learning.

What keeps you motivated?

Watching my customers’ ideas come to fruition and taking a project that seems overwhelming to somebody and making it look easy and effortless. That is what is enjoyable to me. Also seeing my staff succeed and achieve their goals in and out of work by being gainfully employed on a living wage.

What is your favorite tool?

Our EVO post driver is our most important piece of equipment. It is designed for the fencing business and built from the ground up for what we do– and it also carries all our tools, our stapling tools, stretching equipment, blocking equipment in one kitty. Everyone in our crew enjoys running it.

What’s next?

We are looking to expand our business by adding a second EVO to our operation and seeing how efficient we can be with the least amount of manpower and the most mechanical advantage.