Safety first – Choose the right equipment for the job with Stockade

St400i Facelift In Case (1)

Jim Todd heads up the North American sales team for Stockade. He acknowledges Stockade’s ST400i cordless stapler tool might be a small item in the utility tool kit but promises it’s one which “punches well above its weight”.

 “We know line maintenance can be risky business. People are working with extremely high voltage in all types of weather conditions.  Every decision is carefully considered and driven by safety first. That focus carries through, right down to what’s in the crew toolbox.”

Among the tools commonly used, staples and power staplers might seem sundry items but they are an increasing necessity to combat copper theft due to the resale opportunities of the high-value metal. The resulting investment in theft prevention by organizations of all sizes keeps contractors, co-ops, and big utility corporations busy with additional labor hours to secure ground wires.

“That’s where Stockade can help. Stapling does not have to be manual or time-consuming and the right tools can really change the experience of a job – increasing safety and speed. Improving the stapling speed and ease of use means that staples are more likely to be correctly positioned close together to better secure wire and discourage theft. Hard stapling snugs the wire to the pole making it very difficult to dislodge. Power stapling also reduces the likelihood of dropped staples.

Stockade cordless staplers are easier and safer to use in overhead stapling and elevated applications and are also easier on the body. The Stockade ST400i reduces the impact stress that occurs from repetitive manual hammering and fastening. It’s designed to make stapling faster, easier and safer and helps mitigate the risk of injury to people in the process.

“Line crews who have seen and used the ST400i, love it. Power stapling helps the teams work quickly with increased accuracy which means less time up a pole and the cordless tool means tripping and conduction hazards can be avoided.”

“Quality staples can also make a difference. When you put a power pole in the ground, you expect it to last 50 to 60 years and you need a staple that will hold the ground wire for that amount of time both from a corrosion standpoint and a withdrawal standpoint.  Stockade’s best-in-class galvanized staples last up to six times longer than regular Class 3 galvanized staples so you can be sure they are going to hold the ground wire for years to come.”

Safety engineers, financial and purchasing officers, and line crew can all benefit from Stockade’s power stapling tools. They can save time on the job, save money from fewer labor hours and save costs from fewer potential lost-time incidents.

Ask for Stockade by name at your preferred line equipment supplier, or contact for more information.