Peter Larkin’s ST315i Fencing Staple Gun

Fencing Stapler Peter L 400

The old adage that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence has proven to be a time-consuming reality for Peter Larkin and his wife Judith who own a twelve-paddock 31acre lifestyle farm where until recently they had a mixture of horses, ewes and lambs.

This unusual combination of bedfellows (perhaps that should read paddock-fellows) placed a fair bit of a strain on the Larkins’ fence maintenance regime with the fences having to constantly endure the weight of a horse’s large frame being pushed against them as the animals stretched their necks in order to sample the pleasures of the grass in the next paddock.

Peter said that to add to his fence maintenance workload, they had one line of sheep whose mother had figured-out a way of escaping through any weakness in the fences and believe it or not, had taught her progeny the secret to her Houdini-inspired escapism.

Peter says the arthritis he has in his hands makes it quite difficult to repair his boundary and internal fences by the old-fashioned method of wielding a hammer. This, coupled with the fact that both Judith and he have full-time jobs, allowing them a minimal amount of time to work together as a fence-repair team. Peter said that because of the arthritic pain he experiences, he had been researching better ways of getting through the large amount of stapling he was carrying out on a fairly regular basis.

He said that he had considered purchasing a pneumatic staple gun as he already had the compressor and hoses, however he was looking for something that was even more portable, and while carrying out some research into the best solution to his problem he came across the Stockade range.

Already knowing of the Paslode brand of nail guns he did some research on batten staplers.

Checking on the internet he saw the Stockade ST315i fencing staple gun and figured that it would be light enough and portable enough for his application of batten fencing.

Peter said that during the first couple of weeks of owning the fencing staple gun, he put in around 10,000 staples, all of which was done with considerable ease. 

He’s says he’s had the ST315i fencing staple gun now for about fifteen months and says that he’s very pleased with its performance and that it makes the job of maintaining fences that much easier.