Cordless Fencing Staplers Saving Time & Increasing Benefits

Fencing Stapler Grant Elson 400

STOCKade is the world’s leading manufacturer of fencing staplers, staples and other wire fixing systems so it’s no surprise there ST400i cordless fence post stapler is proving a hit.

Typically used for rural livestock fencing, the ST400i is the world’s first 4mm diameter, nine gauge cordless fencing stapler destined to make fencing faster, easier and safer.

STOCKade has continued to invest in developing better fencing solutions by launching the cordless gas powered ST315i batten fence stapler in 2015 and most recently the ST400i post fence stapler in 2016.

The development of the ST315i and ST400i was driven by farmers and fencing contractors, wanting powerful and portable stapling systems not reliant on compressors and hoses

The difference between this particular stapler and the batten stapler is “the ST400i is a post stapler which fires a 4mm diameter barbed staple, 40 or 50mm in length, compared with our batten stapler which fires a 3.15mm staple barbed and non-barbed,” says account manager for Australia and New Zealand, Steve Lennon.

Owner of Stocklink and fencing contractor Grant Elson using the ST400i

With a strong safety message, the ST400i means the user is able to fire staples with one hand, allowing the second hand to be kept out of harm’s way.

Fencing contractor and owner of Stocklink, Grant Elson said he gets a lot of use out of his stapler while working in the Darfield area.

“I got the ST400i about six months when it had just come out, I got one of the early ones. For starters it’s the first cordless stapler that uses large staples and it really is so much faster, much quicker and much easier.

Grant says he uses the post stapler every time he is putting up wire and netting.

“I get a lot of use out of it. Fencebuild Ltd. owner Jason Croft also bought the cordless stapler six months ago.

“What appealed to me is that the staples are barbed, it was much quicker and unbelievably quicker on a big job,” he said.

After using the tool Jason’s main concern was how long the batteries would take to charge once flat.

However any fears were soon alleviated once he realised it only took 20 minutes to re-charge when plugged into a vehicle lighter socket. The ST400i is available at Farmlands, PGG Wrightson, Goldpine and can be found in ITM, Carters and Placemakers.

Originally published in Canterbury Farming, June 17 edition.