Dirk Hunt, Hunt Fence – Tennessee, USA

Dirk Hunt 2

Dirk Hunt from West Tennessee moved into fence contracting five years ago after learning some neat fencing tricks from contractors during his days as a dealer for Gallagher and Stay Tough. Dirk now runs Hunt Fence with one staff specializing in agricultural fence.

What do you enjoy the most about fencing?

I enjoy building farms for other people, for the lack of a better word, a dream farm. People have an idea in their head of what their want their property or farm to look like, and they leave it up me to make that dream or goal happen.

What would surprise people to know about fencing?

The underground work that people can’t see. If the ground is not in good shape, it can require a lot of work to anchor a post down.

What was the last tool you bought?

A skid steer, my old one had got worn out. It’s the only thing I can get around in with all the mud and climb the countryside that I have to climb.

What is the biggest obstacle you have come across?

I have plenty of work so finding labor to do the jobs and then trying to make the job easier for them to do.

What is the sign of a job well done?

Going the extra step to make sure things are clean and neat and doing the job better than what you would do for yourself. The way I look at this, it is more than a fence, it is an investment. It has a lot to do with quality and craftmanship, so I try to put skill into a fence to make it better than the other guys who are around me.