Darren and Loren Elder – Elder Farms Fencing, Western Pennsylvania

Darren Elder

Darren and Loren Elder own and operate Elder Farms Fencing in Western Pennsylvania. They have specialized in hi-tensile, fixed knot woven wire, and John Wall Horsecoteagricultural fence for the past 17 years. Darren and Loren strive to meet their customer’s high expectations by using the highest quality components to construct their fence.

Why did you start building fence?

After I graduated high school I had the opportunity to work for a highly skilled fence contractor named Tom Brown. Tom was a mentor to myself and many others in the fencing industry. He influenced a total of 5 former employees to go out and start their own fencing business including myself. It was through Tom’s encouragement and guidance that I got into the fence installation business.

What advice would you give to a newcomer starting out?

Word of mouth advertising is still the best form of advertising hands down. A great fencer is willing to work in far less than ideal conditions and not cut corners.

What is your favorite tool to build fence?

A strong portion of our work is fixed knot woven wire. Our Keystone Fence Supplies Self Loading Wire Stretcher, Stockade ST400i Staple Gun, and various Gripple accessories have substantially increased our efficiency with that style of fence.

What is your favorite type of fence to install, and why?

42″ Bekaert fixed knot woven wire with an electric wire on top on 12′ post spacing. We enjoy installing a high-quality product that is going to last 30-40 years with very minimal maintenance. 

What is your most memorable fencing project, and why?

There have been numerous occasions over the years where we have had to push several feet of snow out of the way to build a necessary fence line. Not enjoyable, but memorable.