Certified Tool Solutions: Valued Customers are the Greatest Asset

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Certified Tool Solutions, Inc. is a family-owned and operated company located in Acworth, GA that specializes in repair and service of Ramset, Paslode and STOCKade tools, as well as drywall automatic taping tools. They also repair many other types of construction related tools such as dustless sanders. Craig Bailey, who with his wife Susan founded Certified Tool Solutions, Inc. (CTS) in 1997, has over 30 years of experience in the drywall tool repair industry.

Craig Cross is the third member of the CTS team says, “CTS is a Factory Authorized Warranty and Repair Service Center for Ramset Gas and Power Tools, as well as Paslode tools. We are also STOCKade’s Preferred Warranty and Repair Facility in the US.”

Reflecting on the history of CTS, Cross believes, “Resiliency and integrity have helped CTS get where it is today. I’ve been with Craig and Susan since 1998, when I began dating their daughter. Ever since that time, I’ve been called Little Craig, and they are like my mom and dad.”

During their first 10 years of business, CTS kept growing, until the economy crashed in late 2008. Cross notes, “We had two major customers discontinue repair work with us in order for them to survive the downturn. At that point, Craig and Susan were just trying to keep the business going. So, I left CTS in 2009 (to help them survive the recession) and worked with the local sheriff’s department for six years. I still worked part-time (two to three days a week) to help out. I knew I would eventually come back to work for CTS when the economy turned around.”

Cross believes a major reason that Craig and Susan were able to weather the economic downturn is based on their faith and integrity. “Their motto has always been old-fashioned quality service at reasonable and affordable prices. Slowly things began to turn around, and now I’ve been back at CTS full time for the past couple of years. The goal has always been to provide quality service in a timely manner. We always try to get a turnaround in 24-48 hours.”

When CTS started business, it focused on the repair of drywall automatic taping tools. Ramset, a leading provider of Gas and Powder Actuated tools for fastening systems for commercial construction, soon approached CTS about becoming the a major service center for their gas and powder actuated tools. As a successful partner of Ramset, CTS became a logical choice for STOCKade when they went looking for a US partner.

Cross has been working on STOCKade tools now for a couple of years. “STOCKade is relatively new in the U. S. market, but the word is spreading fast. The customers we have dealt with are finding the tools to be efficient, safer and reliable. So, we were glad to become a part of their team.”


According to Cross, the repair process is easy at CTS. Fill out the service request form on their website and send the tool. It’s that simple. You can also call CTS toll free at 1-888-456-6050. Upon receipt of the tool, CTS will thoroughly inspect it and then provide the owner with a repair estimate. Upon approval, the tool will be professionally repaired and promptly returned. Cross notes, “We service the entire tool. We want it working like new when it comes out of here.” CTS provides a 30-day labor warranty on all repair services and stands behind its services 100 percent. If the owner chooses not to have the tool repaired, the tool will then be returned unassembled and a minimal fee of $25 will be assessed plus return freight.

Word of mouth often tells the tale. For CTS, word of mouth has brought business from all over the United States. “We have customers sending us their tools from all over the country and even parts of Canada. Our goal is to always offer our customers quality service in a timely manner!”