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Stockade produces superior fence staplers, staples, and wire fastening systems for agricultural and horticultural applications.

The World’s leading Powered Fence Post Stapler Gun

St400i Feature Image

Fencing Post Stapler Systems

Professional fencers tool of choice for wire fence post applications. Superior power, flexibility, and accuracy delivers consistent results for 9 Gauge (4mm) stapling. 

St315i Feature Image

Fencing Batten Stapler Systems

Adjustable depth of drive provides flexibility, accuracy, and a superior quality finish for stapling 3.15mm staples into battens.

Ringfast Manual

Ringfast Fence Ring Tool

Produce fast, consistent rings reducing manual effort and improving productivity.

St400 And St315 Staples Clear Cut

4mm and 3.15mm Fencing Staples

Stockade’s 90% Zinc, 10% Aluminium pre-galvanised 240gm heavy-duty coat provides superior corrosion resistance.

Get consistent results with a Stockade Fence Stapler Gun

Stockade Dunedin Sg 00

“We purchased the Stockade cordless ST315i batten stapler as soon as it became available because it stopped us from having to drag around a hose and the compressor.”

Nick Terry – Custom Fencing, Otago

Stockade Dunedin Sg 04

“The amount of time you save driving in seven wire fences, it just halves or quarters the time. You don’t get a sore arm after doing a kilometre of staples, you can go all day.”

Karl McDiarmid – Gorge Creek Flats, Otago, New Zealand

Project Awhitu – New Zealand

We challenged Tony and Murray, two fencing contractors from White Fencing in New Zealand, to a race to see who could staple 10 posts faster. The challenge took place on a deer exclusion fencing project on the Awhitu Peninsula in New Zealand, the fence was 2.5km long and 1900mm high built with13-190-15 Staytight deer and dawn fence netting.

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"Repair work or new work, the ST400i post stapler is really useful, definitely speeds things up and saves the arm from stapling away." Read more

Volunteers build fence in countdown to show time

“I don’t think people understand how easy running the Stockade stapler makes getting work done until they actually have it in their hands and are using it." says Jon Dowling, owner of Jon’s Ranch Fencing in Walla Walla. Read more

Golden Bay Fencing, Great Teamwork and Technique in Golden Bay

Angela and Dave Jacobsen from Golden Bay Fencing have been hanging gates up near Black Marble Quarry for a long time. For women coming into the practical side of the industry, Angela says hands-on fencing is really about technique.

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