Quality Stockade staples – for a stronger, longer hold

Us Utilities

A few years back, utility safety consultant Rick Kennerly was looking for a safer way to staple wire to poles when he found the Stockade ST315i Cordless Stapler.

Since then, Stockade has launched the ST400i Cordless Stapler for 9-gauge staples. The ST400i is rugged, powerful, and provides accuracy of staple placement and improved operator safety so you can work with speed and confidence.

Rick says “Large utility organizations want to get things done right. They want to get things done safely and, from a safety standpoint, the ST400i is a power tool that shoots staples with speed and accuracy.”

“Stockade staples hold up. They don’t rust like hand-driven staples and the larger staple has more holding power which is even more important in drier areas.”

A pole in the ground can be expected to last 50 years. The staple holding the ground wire should hold for the same. Stockade staples deliver superior durability with consistent results. Their heavy coat containing 90% zinc and 10% aluminum provides superior corrosion resistance over standard hot-dipped galvanized staples — and a stronger, longer hold. Stockade staples have six times the corrosion protection compared to standard zinc galvanizing.

Safety engineers, financial and purchasing officers, and line crew can all benefit from Stockade’s power stapling tools and quality staples. They can save time on the job, save money from fewer labor hours and save on costs.

Ask for Stockade by name at your preferred line equipment supplier, or contact info@stockade.com