Posts, wire, staples and exceptional service

Stockade and Keystone

Mark Musser and Leroy Zimmerman started Keystone Fence Supplies, in 1993. The Pennsylvania contractor-based fence supply company grew quickly, and Mark and Leroy soon realized they needed a source for high quality-fencing supplies. With the pair’s astute business acumen, the company soon developed into a comprehensive supply chain for premium fence materials servicing the East Coast and into the Midwest.

From the outset, Mark and Leroy established a trusted, reliable source for the core elements of a great fence: posts, wire, and staples.

They were instrumental in introducing high tensile wire into the United States and soon built up a network of fence contractors and distribution for high tensile wire use. A post mill and wood preserving facility followed, with Keystone Fence Suppliesmanaging the entire manufacturing process from the yellow pine forests to the premium CCA top-of-the-line timber posts. For premium staples and stapler tools, Keystone Fence team member, Mitchel Zimmerman says Stockade was an obvious fit.

“Contractors want to build a high-quality fence, we understand that. Their name is attached to the fence they build, much like our name is attached to the products we sell. We wouldn’t sell products we wouldn’t want to be installed on our own property. We strive to do business like we would want to be treated if we were in their shoes. That’s why we sell Stockade.”

“Like our team at Keystone Fence, the crew at Stockade know a thing or two about fencing and the Stockade tools are reliable field-tested products which are highly regarded among professionals. They hold up to heavy use. The quality staples match the life expectancy of the posts and woven wire. They are built to last and are a great fit in the professional fence builder’s toolbox and for our product line.”

Erik Elliott, Stockade Territory Manager says the supplier relationship with Keystone Fence Suppliers really works.”Keystone Fence stocks some of the highest quality products on the market and its philosophy of exemplary customer service and genuine relationships resonates with Stockade. Both Keystone and Stockade stand behind our products and we share a real understanding of fencing contractors and fencing. Keystone posts and Stockade staples are also a premium combination on the fenceline!”

The combination of great products and great people is fundamental to Keystone Fence’s successes. Based in the middle of Lancaster-Lebanon County, Mitchel explains that the area is famous for people’s hard work ethic, honest business, and ‘get it done’ mentality.

“That ethos carries over to the whole Keystone team. We go out of our way to offer the best service possible for our customers. Our entire team thoroughly enjoys seeing completed fence projects using our products. The fact that our hard work is helping others succeed in business means a lot to us.”