2021 Fall Fence Forum

Farm Fence Solutions

Once again, Stockade is proud to be a premier sponsor of the 2021 Fall Fence Forum hosted by Farm Fence Solutions, LLC in Worthington Indiana.

Last year Brian West, South-East Territory Manager for Stockade returned from the Fall Fence Forum saying he’d never attended an event like it in all his years in the ag sector. This year he is back for more. He will be on hand at the site to demonstrate our new gear, spin a few yarns, and run the Stockade tool cleaning clinic along with Stockade’s Erik Elliott, Territory Manager for the North-East and Rachel Wiegand, Stockade Inside Sales & Marketing; as well as Stockade distributors Mike and Joe Schwarz from Schwarz Equipment. Erik and Rachel are looking forward to finding out what all the excitement is about during their first Fall Fence Forum event.

Luke Gibson, the driver behind the Fall Fence Forum said last year was ‘Two days full of swapping stories, watching and learning followed by seeing the quality of people’s work skyrocket as they shared their knowledge.”

This year he has amped up the event to full five days of fencing knowledge, discussions, and competition. Education sessions include a one-day AFA Fence Contractor Business School, a crash course installing a dual swinging gate setup, and demonstrations of fencing knots, bracing, post-driving techniques, layout procedures, and pipe fence instruction.

Luke and his wife and business partner Leslie have had some tough years in the fencing business and agree that an event like the Fall Fence Forum would have certainly made their business a better one, and by default, our life a more comfortable one.

“Our number one goal when we started Farm Fence Solutions was to help the people who were and are just like us. Access to better information, better materials, better equipment, better education, and a better network of like-minded contractors are just a few of the things that keep us engaged and committed to continuing the Fall Fence Forum tradition.”

Kyle Stender and his crew member Seth Luce at J&K Agriculture Inc. are making the trek from Western New York. Kyle says since the first time they’ve gone, they have learned from other fencers.

“You learn so much, you couldn’t compare it to any type of schooling. It’s very educational, informational, yet it is a good time and the people there are fun to be around.”

Kyle and Seth are also set to compete in ‘The Shootout’, America’s premier fencing competition.

Ryan Sloop from Sloop Fence, North Carolina is a regular attendee Forum, and echoing Brian and Kyle, he says there is no stopping him this year.

“The USA has such a vast and varied agricultural fence industry. That is what makes the forum such a neat event, the diversity of great contractors that attend yearly. It is hands down the best place to learn the most, the fastest! An unparalleled amount of knowledge is in attendance every year with open notes for everyone to share.”

Find out more about the Fall Fence Forum: https://farmfencesolutions.com/2021-fall-fence-forum/