March 1-3 2023

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The professional contractors tool, delivering consistent results every time.

The ST 400i cordless fence stapler gun has outstanding power to drive staples to your desired depth. The ST400i for fence posts, trellis, battens, farming, wineries & rural fencing.

ST400i Cordless Fence Post Stapler

  • Portable – no need for compressors or airlines​
  • Efficient – fast, high output design drives up to 2 staples per second ​
  • Reliable – Fuel Injection Technology delivers consistent power every time ​
  • Fuel & Battery Indicator – never get caught short on the fence line ​
  • Adjustable depth of drive for greater flexibility with staple placement​
  • V-Notch guide and wire guide to ensure correct staple placement and improved holding power ​


“The ST400i has been a good piece of equipment for us. Any piece of equipment that can make our job easier for us, that can make us more efficient, more profitable – those are the tools we want.”

Ryan Sloop – Sloop Fence, North Carolina

Ringfast Pneumatic

Ringfast Pneumatic Ring Tool

  • Designed for fence construction and maintenance
  • Easy to load magazine
  • Consistent finish
  • 5 x faster than manual ring tools
  • Decreases hand fatigue
  • Reduced labor costs

Increase your productivity on chain-link and agricultural fencing.

The American spirit and sense of ingenuity are known around the world and demand a tool that can perform and live up to the reputation. Stockade tools are engineered to withstand the most demanding working conditions.