Kyle Stender, J&K Agriculture Inc.

Western New York, USA

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Kyle and Joellen Stender from Western New York run  J&K Agriculture Inc specializing in agricultural fences and employing one additional staff member. Kyle grew up around animals and helped his grandfather build his horse pasture. After time in the Service and a long stint with the Government, he was looking for a change of pace when a chance encounter led him back to fencing.

What to you love about fencing?

I like the genuine-natured people you meet in the agricultural industry and the comradery. I also like being outside and having the satisfaction of seeing a project completed.

What is the sign of a job well done?

Technical elements and craftsmanship. Installing a fence first is about proper construction and structure, but installing a fence with pride includes many other details that might be overlooked. I tend to notice the little things because, in the end, it’s the attention to detail that makes a job well done. I am particular – I like things neat and clean and I like to work hard- so it all just kind of works together.

What advice would you give to someone new to fencing?

It’s a very labor demanding job, and investing in the right tools and training will make a huge difference! We’ve learned a lot over the last five years and every experience (both positive and difficult) includes opportunities for growth.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help, the fencing community has a great network and someone is always willing to offer their feedback or experience.

What is your favourite music to build fence to?

Some people might laugh, but I’m a fan of Reggae music, anything with a beat and melody works. I like to find music that helps me with my flow and this type of music does that, in addition to having a positive message within it. 

What was the last tool you bought?

The last tool I bought was a Protech P240. That is a skidsteer mounted post driver. That came from Protech Machinery and Luke Gibson out of Farm Fence Solutions.

What is next?

The next step for our fencing business is to continue to evolve our brand and to master our craft. We want to continue to strive to be an innovative and leading agricultural fence contractors in New York State. We want to stand out as the professionals we are, who are constantly seeking to improve and challenge ourselves to strive for excellence.