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ST400i Cordless Stapler

ST400i Cordless Stapler

Q: How many staples does the ST400i hold?

The ST400i fencing stapler holds 50 staples (2 strips of 25 staples)

Q: Can I use other staples in this fencing stapler?

No, the staples are specifically collated to work in conjunction with the STOCKade ST400i stapler. Any attempt to load non STOCKade collated staples may result in damage to the stapler that will not be covered by warranty.

Q: How long is the warranty for the ST400i fencing stapler?

The warranty for the ST400i fence stapler is 12 months.

Q: How long does the gas fuel cells last?

500-750 staples per fuel cell between 4°C and 49°C (39°F and 120°F). You should never be concerned about running out of fuel as each box of ST400i staples contains 2 fuel cells allowing you to fire more than 1000 staples. Each pack of staples contains 1000 x 4mm/9 gauge staples.

Q: Can I use Paslode fuel cells in this cordless fencing stapler?

No, you can only use the fuel that is supplied with the STOCKade ST400i 4m/9 gauge barbed staples.

Q: Can I purchase extra fuel cells for the ST400i fencing stapler?

You shouldn't need any more fuel cells as the two fuel cells provided with each pack of 1000 staples are capable of firing more than 1200 staples.

Q: How many batteries are included with the ST400i?

Each kit comes with 2 batteries

Q: How long does each battery last?

Each battery is capable of firing up to 3000 x 4mm/ 9 gauge barbed staples. The two batteries combined in the kit can fire up to 6000 staples. This performance of the battery is liked to ambient temperature.

Q: Can I charge the batteries in the car?

Yes you can, the ST400i kit comes with a 12V cigarette charging cable that can be connected to the charging base.

Q: Should I remove the fuel cell from the ST400i fencing stapler at the end of each day?

We recommend you leave the fuel cell in the ST400i stapler to preserve fuel and to prevent any loss of fuel that occurs every time you remove it.

Q: Should I remove the ST400i battery at the end of the day?

You should always pull the battery out until it clicks in to the first locking position or remove the battery entirely when the tool is not in use to ensure it is safe to handle.

Q: Should I wear safety glasses when using the ST400i fencing stapler?

Yes, we strongly recommend you wear safety glasses when using this stapler. We think it's so important that we have included safety glasses with the ST400i stapler.

Q: Should I wear ear protection when using the ST400i stapler?

We recommend you wear ear protection like ear plugs or ear muffs when ever you use the ST400i stapler as long exposure to the loud noise every time you fire the tool can cause hearing damage.

Q: Should the staples be left in the stapler storing it in the case?

We recommend you remove the staples from the ST400i before storing in the protective case.

Q: Is the depth of the staples adjustable?

Yes, the depth of the staple is adjustable by using the hex key provided to loosen the screw under the head where the staples come out. Please remove the battery before making any adjustments.

Q: Is the fuel cell reusable?

No, please discard of the fuel cell after each use

Q: I lost my manual for the ST400i fencing stapler, where can I get another one?

You can download the manuals in PDF format from the Products page on our website at any time. Please ensure you have the free Adobe Reader installed on you computer if you have trouble opening the file.

Q: How do I know how much fuel is left in the ST400i fuel cell?

Simply press the button in the middle of the circle next to the belt hook and read the number of lights on the image that looks like a fuel cell. Four green lights means that the fuel cell is full, one green light means that the fuel cell is low and almost empty. If the fuel cell has one light it may also mean that there is not enought fuel to fire the staples.

Q: How do I know if the battery is charged enough to use?

You can press the button in the middle of the circle next to the belt hook and read the number of lights that are on just above the battery meter. Four light on means that the battery is low, one light on means that the battery is low and almost empty.

Q: What should I do if the ST400i fencing stapler is not firing?

Start by checking the battery and fuel cell meter. You can then check if you still have staples in the chamber. If the fencing stapler is still not working and the fuel cell is low, you should try replacing the fuel cell as it may be too low to fire. If the battery is low, it may also need to be replaced with a fully charged battery to operate.

Q: Are the ST400i stapler batteries rechargeable?

Yes, the ST400i batteries are rechargeable using the battery charger provided with the stapler.

Q: How do I use the fuel cell in the ST400i fencing stapler?

After you have purchased the staples, take one fuel cell out and remove the clear cap from the top. Place the fuel cell with the blue tip down into the fuel cell holder section located on the right of the belt hook. Ensure that you push the fuel cell until it clicks into place.

Q: What is the operating temperature of the ST400i fencing stapler?

You can use the ST400i fencing stapler in temperatures of 49 degrees to -15 degrees Celsius (5-120 degrees Farenheit)

Q: What is the water rating for the ST400i wire fence stapler?

The ST400i stapler is rated as IP54. This tool is protected from limited dust ingress and from water spray from any direction.

Q: What is the weight of the ST400i fencing stapler?

The weight of the ST400i stapler is 4.2kg.

Q: What head attachment do I use to fire staples so the head is vertical?

The head with the V-notch would be suitable for this application.

Q: What head attachment do I use to fire staples at an angle?

We recommend you change the head using the hex tool provided wire guide head to allow perfect alignment every time.

Q: What does a constant red light on the right of the battery meter mean?

The constant red light means that you will need to take the ST400i in to a service centre to fix a current issue with the tool.

Q: What does a blinking red light on the right of the battery mean?

The blinking red light usually means that the battery is low.

Q: How often do I need to do a complete service for the ST400i fencing stapler?

You should take your ST400i fencing stapler in for a complete service every 30,000 staples that you have used.

Q: Where do I find a service agent to service my ST400i Cordless fencing stapler?

Please use the Where to Service section to find your closest service agent.


 You will find the manuals, schematic, parts list and any other documention relating to each product available for download in PDF format. This page is a great resource if you have lost your original manuals or want to keep an extra digital copy for easier reference.

ST400i Cordless Stapler

pdfST400i User manual

pdfSchematic and parts

pdfGeneral safety instructions

pdfST400i Battery MSDS

pdfST400i Fuel Cell MSDS

ST400 Pneumatic Stapler

pdfST400 User manual

pdfST400 Schematic and Parts

ST315i Cordless Stapler

pdfST315i User manual

pdfST 315i Schematic and Parts

pdfST315i Battery MSDS

pdfST315i Fuel Cell MSDS

ST315 Pneumatic Stapler

pdfST315 User manual


pdfCompressor User manual



Fully trained staff are available at a range of service centers in different countries that will be able to undertake warranty, service and repair.

We provide a 12 month warranty on all our post and batten fencing staplers. 

Service Agents

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Safety First

Your safety and health are important to Stock-ade. Before attempting to load, handle, operate, adjust or service your tool it is important to read and become familiar with all safety precautions, operating instructions and tool labels. Before using any accessories carefully review the safety data sheets provided below. 

Safety Data Sheets

pdfst400i-general-safety-instructions.pdf264.98 KB

pdfST400i-MSDS-Battery-07.16.pdf368.52 KB

pdfST400i-MSDS-Fuel-Cells-07.16.pdf235.73 KB

pdfSTOCKade_Nickel_Cadmium_Battery_NZ_ST315i.pdf128.68 KB

pdfST400i-MSDS-Fuel-Cells-07.16.pdf235.73 KB


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