St315 Barbed Staple Clear Cut

10½ Gauge Barbed Utility Staples

  • 10½ gauge Wire Diameter
  • Extreme durability for long life
  • Manufactured from 90% Zinc 10% Aluminum pre-galvanized wire
  • Divergent Point – Staples legs spread as they are driven into timber for enhanced holding power

ST315i Barbed Utility Staples


Stockade’s ST315i utility staples are engineered to be power-driven by the ST315i stapler system. The narrow crown on the staple helps grip the wire and the divergent point design ensures the staple legs spread as they are driven into timber for improved holding power. The genuine Stockade paper collation provides superior collation strength and reduces tool contamination, with a moisture-resistant adhesive formula for improved all-weather performance.

Available in 1½” Staple Length.

  • Superior Corrosion Resistance – Manufactured from 90% Zinc 10% Aluminum pre-galvanized wire
  • Holding Power – wire tensile strength and divergent point design enhances holding power
  • Robust Collation – waterproof collation tape for all-weather performance
  • Stapling System – Staple design optimised for delivery with Stockade driver blade to minimise damage to staple crown


Product CodeSS3i40b
Staple Length1½”
Staple Diameter10½” ga
Staples Per Pack2000
Fuel Cells Per Pack2
Staple TypeBarbed, divergent point
Collation TypePaper collated
Tool Magazine Capacity75 staples (approx 3 strips)
Packaged Size (WxHxD)8.26″ x 3.74″ x 5.90″
Packaged Weight18.51 lbs

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Power-driven Barbed Utility Staples

Stockade ST315i utility barbed staples deliver superior durability with consistent results. Their 90% zinc and 10% aluminum coating provides superior corrosion resistance over standard hot-dipped galvanized staples — and a stronger, longer hold. Stockade staples have six times the corrosion protection compared to standard zinc galvanizing.