About Us

The STOCKade story begins with Paslode New Zealand, a small unit of the ITW Construction Products Group, supplying power actuated nailing solutions to builders in New Zealand. In 1998, almost by accident, Paslode NZ devised an innovative way to use power nailing technology in a rural fencing setting. Although this first pneumatic fencing staple gun was little more than a curiosity in the rural community, the seed was planted and the idea of a contractors quality fence stapler was left to germinate.

In 2007 a new era began. With limited research funding and little knowledge of farming, Paslode NZ’s technical team teamed up with a small group of forward thinking and innovative fencing contractors to devise a real fence stapling solution. With only a vision, perseverance and self belief the team ‘begged, borrowed and stole’ using every trick they knew to get their ideas from the drawing board to the fencing contractor. Finally, in 2009 STOCKade released the ST315, the very first power stapler designed expressly for use in the rural livestock fencing sector.

Sales were strong and soon STOCKade was looking outside of New Zealand for new customers. Research in North America revealed the need for a more powerful tool to drive barbed staples up to 2” (50mm) long. STOCKade released the ST400, the world’s first 9ga (4mm) pneumatic fencing stapler. The ST400 with its ‘industry standard’ staples opened up international opportunities for STOCKade into the USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.

STOCKade has continued to invest in developing better fencing solutions, launching the cordless gas powered ST315i batten fence stapler in 2015 and most recently the ST400i post fence stapler in 2016. The development of the ST315i and ST400i was driven by farmers and fencing contractors, wanting powerful and portable stapling systems not reliant on compressors and hoses. Built to the same exacting standards of STOCKade’s globally successful pneumatic fencing staplers, the ST315i and ST400i fence staplers combine rural focused rugged design, with proven gas powered technology designed to fire nails into concrete and steel.

From a small company based in the island nation of New Zealand, STOCKade is following in the footsteps of other visionary exporters that took New Zealand rural innovations to the world.

STOCKade is a young company but one with a proud heritage in path-finding new ways. Together with Paslode, Ramset and SPIT, STOCKade is one of ITW’s brands under the Construction Products segment. As the inventors of the world’s first pneumatic nailer and gas powered cordless nailer, STOCKade benefits from a rich heritage of R&D and engineering expertise.