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Washington Farmers Co-op

Washington Farmers Co-op
Address: 517 W Main Street, Abingdon 24210, VA
Type: Retailer
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The new Co-op will be formed and owned by farmers within this area of the state, with the sole purpose to grow profitability for the growing agriculture community within this region of the world. This co-op will service a well diverse customer base including but not limited to Dairy, Beef, poultry, and general home owners. The co-op will give gardeners a chance to grow their own fruits and vegetables and give children the right to advance their knowledge of agriculture, by providing both with products and knowledge to serve their needs. We will be a one stop shop for any person with an animal, from birds to buffalos, this store will provide the food needed to grow or maintain any and all animals of this region.

The co-op will give families the opportunity to make new traditions on the farm and with the services offered from the Co-op continue growth within family’s operation.

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