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The Big Daddy of Staplers is Here!

There’s a new breed of pneumatic wire fence staplers

Installing fencing can be an incredibly time consuming task. AB Custom Fencing in Vanderhoof now carries and endorses STOCK-ade’s fencing stapler systems. They are the world’s only fencing guns activated by compressed air. No more driving fencing nails by hand, as any one of STOCK-ade’s guns will save you time and money.

Staple Gun

The ST-400 is the biggest and baddest pneumatic fence stapler with 2” staples. The ST-400 packs a real punch and fires staples that meet all highway code requirements. The ST-400 has adjustable power for high-density timber and has a rugged driver blade. It is lightweight and corrosion resistant for extreme durability. It was engineered specifically for driving heavy-duty fencing staples. It’s manufactured from high impact resistant steel for long life. The gun was designed for nine-gauge diameter fencing staples that you can get in barbed and non-barbed. It even has a custom nose to locate the wire. This stapler ensures precision placement to prevent damage to fence wire and it deflects discharged air away from the operator.

Other smaller - but still mighty - fence staplers include the ST-315 pneumatic fence stapler, and the ST-250 impulse gas fence stapler.

AB Custom Fencing invites people to take the Hammer versus the Big Gun challenge. They have seminars and demo days to educate customers on the products they carry.

Originally published in the Orchard & Vine website.


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Saturday, 17 April 2021

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