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Since we first started adapting Paslode power actuated nailing tools for fencing applications, STOCKade has been determined to deliver fencing staple solutions which deliver better results; faster and safer than traditional hand stapling.

STOCKade staplers are becoming increasingly common across New Zealand as fencing contractors and farmers discover our tools revolutionise the way they fence. Benefits of the stapling tools are obvious to anyone who has used them, their ease of use means anyone can achieve a consistently high quality result and dramatically reduce the time it takes to staple off any fence with fewer aches and pains.

What is not well known is that STOCKade developed the staplers and staples as a complete solution; the two work together to give best results.

STOCKade staples are the very best fencing staples available on the market and when driven by a STOCKade stapler will deliver staple durability second to none.

1. STOCKade staples are made from wire which is hot dip galvanised with a heavy coat containing 90% zinc and 10% aluminium. Our staples have 6 times the corrosion protection when compared to standard zinc galvanising.

comparing fencing staples

2. STOCKade’s staplers utilise a patented system to accurately push staples into posts and battens without damaging the galvanised coating; eliminating driver blade damage to staple crown.


3. STOCKade’s patented barbed 4mm and NEW 3.15mm staples are designed to maximise holding power over time while minimising damage to the timber on entry.

4. STOCKade staples use the same high strength waterproof collation tape as our Paslode nails, providing proven all round performance in wet conditions and sealing entry to the timber on the barbed side of each leg.

staple collation tape waterproof

What does this mean for a farmer or fencing contractor?

1. In New Zealand the majority of new fences are built from medium or heavy galvanised wire with a 95% Zn 5% Al coating (2-4x standard galvanising life). Unfortunately, many staples sold in New Zealand only have standard galvanised coating and will start to rust well before the wire does, decreasing the life of the fence.

2. Every hit with a hammer bruises the galvanised coating on a staple crown. After a few solid hits, smooth face hammers will dislodge some of the coating whereas a milled face hammer will gouge into the staple exposing the mild steel to the elements and increasing the likelihood of rust.

3. Staples with large and sharp barb cut through timber fibres when being hammered, leaving a channel for moisture to enter the batten or post which increases the risk of the staple rusting within the post and reducing holding power.

If you want to build a fence which will stand the test of time, then the STOCKade stapling system will deliver the performance you need.

To find your nearest stockist of STOCKade products either go to, contact Warren Herlihy on
027 477 0938, or visit your local rural supplies store.

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