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Stockade stapler packs a punch

Fencing Stapler

Nailing barbed fencing staples into hard timber is difficult work. They never seem to go in straight, and tend to flatten out instead of being driven all the way into the post. There is now an alternative, as Josh Giumelli reports.

Fencing staples can be a real pain to hammer in, and are also time consuming on large jobs, and it takes a lot of practice to drive a staple into hard timber without it flattening out.

While staples are far easier to hammer into treated pine posts, they can still be time consuming on large fencing projects, such as attaching prefabricated wire or netting.

Its probably safe to assume that fencing staples would be used more often if there was a more reliable way of installing them.

Help is at hand with the release of the Stockade ST400 pneumatic staple gun, a product carried exclusively by Whites Wires in Australia. We managed to get our hands on one for a try, and didn’t want to give it back.

Anyone familiar with pneumatic and gas powered nailing tools will be familiar with the US manufacturer Paslode, so there is an implied level of quality in the ST400. 

And retailing for $999 (GST inc), you would expect the staple gun to be about as good quality as money can buy.

This article was originally published on the Farming Ahead Website. 


The Big Daddy of Staplers is Here!


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Saturday, 17 April 2021

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