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ST400i Stapler in Utility Applications


David from BDLMI electric utility equipment explains how the ST400i stapler is used within the utility industry. 

"Today I would like to introduce the ST400i Its a 9-gauge gas over electric called an impulse stapler. It was designed for utility workers to safely install staples on pole as well as cross arms.

it runs on a lithium ion battery, it also has butane gas cartridge. the 400i is advanced over the other units with the battery and the gas. it also has some intelligence there that lets you know how much fuel you have just by pressing the button, you can identify the fuel.

The operation is simple. it has an integral trigger which you must depress the foot prior to pulling the trigger to prevent someone from bump shooting it or from driving it through their foot or putting a staple where they don't want to accidentally.

I’ll show you how it works really quick, it has a B groove right in the bottom there.

It has a B groove right in the bottom, line it up there, push down and push the trigger.

The ST400i by STOCKade."


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Saturday, 17 April 2021

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