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Perfect fencing fast – no matter who does it.

Alberta Beef magazine interviewed Axle Boris from FenceFast, STOCKade’s Canadian distributor in their October 2016 edition.

Fencing. It’s just part of being a stockman, but repairs, rebuilding or setting up new fence for cattle, sheep or wildlife are never easy. Now, a new go-anywhere tool makes stapling wire faster, safer, and a whole lot easier.

fencerThe STOCKade ST400i fence stapler is the world’s most powerful cordless stapler, but it’s small enough and tough enough to pack on your horse. Anyone can use it to drive staples to the right depth every time even into the hardest wood – no special skill or strength needed.

The Canadian distributor, Axle Boris of FenceFast, says even a novice can staple a mile of 5-wire fence in less than an hour.

The stapler runs on a fuel cell that releases gas that’s ignited by a spark from a lithium-ion battery firing the staple to the pre-set depth. The battery also runs the tool electronics.

Batteries are rechargeable in a vehicle or AC socket and the tool comes with two, so you can keep working as long as there’s wire to staple. Each fuel cell fires on average 500 staples, more

in higher temperatures and an LED indicator shows fuel and battery levels.

As a fencing contractor, Boris has given the tool a good workout including game fencing with up to 20 staples per post and in orchards and vineyards where every wire has to be well stapled to hold up branches.

“You can staple with your winter gloves on,” he says. “I don’t hit my thumb, and don’t lose one glove in every pair. I change my work position, so no repetitive strain. I’m working smarter not harder.”

There’s an adapter to angle staples perfectly to catch different grains in the wood and another to place insulators for electric fence.

STOCKade also has a unique stainless steel fencing tool that Boris wouldn’t be without.

“The Staplemate so well designed and built it makes cutting, pulling staples and stretching wire much easier.”

He’s including it, along with a box of 1,000 of his high-grade staples and other goodies in his special launch package. 



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