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Meet the Team - Jim Todd

Jim Todd - Sales Manager, North America Rural & Utilities

Whether you are growing stock, trees, or produce for food or manufacture, Stockade is proudly supported by a solid team on the ground. They love nothing more than getting out on ranches and orchards and into warehouses and stores across the US and Canada. Jim Todd heads up Stockades North American sales team.

Where is home?

Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

How did you get into the fencing business?

I was selling medical equipment to hospitals then had a complete change of scene. I jumped into fencing through Stockade and learned fencing on the job.

If you weren't home or at work, where would you be?

I love backpacking. We have a place in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. The Little Tennessee River runs adjacent to our property and I love to get out there and canoe and fish in the middle of nowhere with nothing but my stove, water , my freeze-dried food, my hammock and just go.

What is your favorite DIY tool?

My breaker bar. If you have ever tried to take off a lug nut or something that has rusted on tight and you will burst every blood vessel in your forehead… you put a breaker bar on it and whew, nice, it comes right off.

What motto do you live by?

"For every day you don't train you miss two days: one day you didn't, and one day the other guy did." Coach Lindy Bain 

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Saturday, 17 April 2021

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