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Hoseless, fuel powered staple gun allows freedom to move in pasture

Most of the fencing staple guns on the market have to stay within an air hose length of a compressor, which is not ideal for producers who need to follow fence lines through rough terrain.

However, Stockade’s ST400i allows producers to shed the air hose tether while still maintaining the high productivity that staple guns allow.

“It’s the world’s first power-driven, gas drive, hoseless fence stapler,” said Axle Boris of FenceFast, Canadian distributor for Stockade.

The nail gun fires up to two-inch barbed staples and has a fully adjustable depth-to-drive system.

“Loosen the nut, adjust it all the way in and the staple will go all the way in,” Boris said.

“If the guard is set all the way out, it will leave the staple out about half an inch.”

Staples for the Stockade gun come in a 25-staple deck, and the gun will hold up to two decks.

It runs on a fuel cell cartridge, which provides 500 to 600 shots per cell.

The gun comes with two rechargeable batteries, and each battery can handle 5,000 to 6,000 shots.

“When you pull the trigger, a little bit of propellant is injected into the combustion chamber,” Boris said.

“The fan mixes that with air, and then there is a spark that fires and lights that combustion chamber and drives that piston down that in turns drives the hammer, which in turn drives the fastener into your post.”

The gun and the propellant canister use radio frequency identification technology, which allows users to test to see how much fuel and battery life remain.

A guard where the nail comes out must be suppressed before it can be fired as a safety mechanism.

The gun costs $2,100, while a box of staples costs $190, which includes 1,000 staples and two fuel canisters.

You can find the FenceFast website here.

Article published in The Western Producer. 



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Saturday, 17 April 2021

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