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Fence stapling nailed

The development of STOCKade’s ST400i cordless fencing stapler was driven by farmers and fencing contractors who wanted a powerful and portable post stapling system that didn’t rely on compressors and hoses.

Built to the same exacting standards as the globally successful ST400 pneumatic fencing stapler, the ST400i combines rugged design with a gas-powered system designed to fire nails into concrete.

Having undergone extensive field testing, many Kiwi farmers and fencing contractors have already experienced the benefits of using the ST400i.

Andy Fleury of AR Fleury Contracting in Taihape said the ST400i had the ability to revolutionise the stapling-off netting fences in New Zealand.

“Stapling off deer netting above your head is now easy and being cordless it can be used everywhere,” he said.

“The tool can make you a one-man band and it was absolutely embarrassing how much you can get done in an hour.”

In partnership with Tru-Test Group and their premium electric fencing brand PEL, the ST400i also brings speed and precision to permanent electric fence installation.

The ST400i, plus guide attachment and unique PEL wood post claw insulator forms a world-first electric fencing installation system. Fencers can now drive staples safely with both hands completely clear of the wood post then quickly reload the next insulator, minimising down time.

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Originally published in Farmers Weekly


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Saturday, 17 April 2021

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