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A need for speed, making the farm safer, and less compaction

They’re not cheap, but this cordless fence stapler will make the job go at least five times faster, says its Canadian distributor. 

Innovation drives the agriculture industry and a lot of it is on display at Agri-Trade.

“The technology is diversifying every year, and the ideas keep getting better,” said Rod Bradshaw, a vegetable and crop grower from Innisfail.

He’s also chair of Agri-Trade’s ag innovations committee that chooses three products for its innovations awards.

“We believe this year’s winning entries will have broad appeal and could be readily adopted by a lot of farmers,” said Bradshaw.

This year’s winners are the STOCKade ST400i, the Tire Jogger, and Michelin North America (Canada) CargoXBib high flotation tire.

Fencing stapler


STOCKade ST400i

“No more sore black thumbs, no more sore arms and shoulders from swinging a hammer beating in staples for hours on end, no more bleeding from cuts by sharp staples while digging them out of a bucket,” said Axle Boris of FenceFast, a distributor of this nine-gauge cordless fence stapler (see photo at top).

STOCKade first developed staplers for the New Zealand market and the introduction of the ST315 pneumatic batten fence stapler “dramatically increased the productivity of farmers and contractors alike,” said Boris.

The launch of the ST400 in 2013 saw STOCKade expand internationally into the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Australia. The development of the ST400i in 2016 was “driven by farmers and fencing contractors wanting a powerful and portable post stapling system not reliant on compressors and hoses.”

Launched in Canada at the Ag in Motion farm show this summer, the ST400i uses gas fuel cells and a Li-ion battery to fire staples.

“The response from everyone who tried a demo of the tool was overly positive,” Boris said.

The stapler, which weighs just over nine pounds, can hold two strips of 25 staples and the depth can be adjusted so there is no striker damage to the staple.

“With the ability to drive staples at a minimum of five times faster and in some cases, in excess of 15 times faster this tool is a real time saver, whether you put a monetary value on your time or not,” said Boris. “Yes the cost to purchase our staples is high per staple to that of loose pail hand staples, however, when one factors in the cost and time savings on labour we estimate it to only be a cent or two more per staple.”

Several custom fencers along with ranchers are already using this product, he said.

“We also have many who have been using our pneumatic ST400 stapler,” he said. “However, having to pack around an 80-pound air compressor to supply it with air makes this tool far less convenient.”

FenceFast is the Canadian sole distributor for STOCKade. It sells it online and has a list of dealers at

The stapler retails for about $2,000, but the company rents it for $95 a day at its Langley, B.C. location and expects tool rental companies in ranching areas will start to offer it.

“For those who perhaps cannot justify purchasing a tool, it is our goal to make the tool more readily available for rental,” Boris said. “If you’re just fencing 10 acres, you might not need to own the tool. Those who do purchase the tool, however, can say they own the largest cordless stapler in the world.”

Original article published in Alberta Farm Express. 



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Saturday, 17 April 2021

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