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Four years ago, Alan and Debra Fenwick started AJ & DL Fenwick Agricultural Contractors. The husband and wife team were property managers when the opportunity to purchase their Woodhouse home led them to look at off-farm income. The contract business took off. Now Alan ,  with two other staff they cover contract hay , pipelaying and specia...
Whites Fencing in New Zealand make short work of a1900mm high and 2500m long deer fence using the Stockade ST400i cordless fence stapler. The ST400i is the world's first 4mm diameter / 9 Gauge cordless fencing stapler that makes fencing faster, easier and safer for farmers and fencing contractors. This fencing stapler is revolutionizing stapling in...
Justin Nary is the owner of Taylor Fencing, LLC in Lamoni, Iowa. His company specializes in agricultural fence and state/DOT work. Justin is always looking for new ways to improve his fencing technique and raise the bar on quality material and labor. What is the most rewarding part of your job? As an owner, the most rewarding part of my job is when...
Erik Elliott - Territory Manager, Northeast USA Where do you live? York, Pennsylvania What were you doing before joining Stockade? I worked for Keystone Fencing Supplies which is a distributor with us now. Jim Todd brought the Stockade product in and I thought 'this power stapler is really cool'. Things got firing on all cylinders. I met some of th...
Jim Todd - Sales Manager, North America Rural & Utilities Whether you are growing stock, trees, or produce for food or manufacture, Stockade is proudly supported by a solid team on the ground. They love nothing more than getting out on ranches and orchards and into warehouses and stores across the US and Canada. Jim Todd heads up Stockades Nort...
Stockade has partnered with Eastland Timber since their first beginnings seven years ago. Now, Eastland Timber, a successful Hawke's Bay firm, reaches out from its Wairoa base to service Gisborne, Dannevirke, Feilding and Napier with high-quality Stockade fencing solutions such as the ST315i batten fence stapler and the ST400i post stapler. Mike Bi...
Rorey and Chase Halliburton, in Middle Tennessee , will work in the snow , but ice makes fencing difficult . A bitter ice storm is ramping in from Texas, up through the MidWest and across the South Eastern States. " It has been a w hite out , " says Chase . While speed is critica l when racing the weather and  when facing completion deadlines ...
Bob Almeida has been fencing for over 16 years and is co-owner of Homestead Fence in Vermont. His vast fencing experience covers all types of fence, including picket, chain link, PVC, agricultural livestock containment, and equestrian  fencing. Bob considers his employees to be partners in the business and chooses to invest in them with traini...
Welcome to our final Stockade Quick Fire Five interview for 2020. This month, we meet William and Courtney Lake who run Lake Contracting in Omakau, Central Otago. They specialise in rural farm fencing putting huge 'k's on the clock servicing from Cromwell to Millers Flat and over to the Maniototo. William has been fencing for just shy of 20 years a...
Darren and Loren Elder own and operate Elder Farms Fencing in Western Pennsylvania. They have specialized in hi-tensile, fixed knot woven wire, and John Wall Horsecoteagricultural fence for the past 17 years. Darren and Loren strive to meet their customer's high expectations by using the highest quality components to construct their fence. Why did ...
A great fence is as good as its connections— from a secure straining post, to long lasting staples. The fencing industry is the same. One event focussed on connecting is the Fall Fencing Forum, an agricultural trade show for the professional contractor. Luke and Leslie Gibson, of Farm Fence Solutions in Indiana, founded the event after their local ...
Certified Tool Solutions, Inc . is a family-owned and operated company located in Acworth, GA that specializes in repair and service of Ramset, Paslode and STOCKade tools, as well as drywall automatic taping tools. They also repair many other types of construction related tools such as dustless sanders. Craig Bailey, who with his wife Susan founded
Jeff Payne is the Whites Rural territory sales manager for Tasmania. Jeff relocated from Queensland 11 years ago. Since starting at Whites, Jeff Payne has made it his mission to travel every country road in the Tasmania. "Living in Hobart means that I am on the road every week and spend a lot of time on the Midland Hwy travelling North. I have found that one of the best ways to meet farmers is to drive the back roads whenever I can."
The old adage that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence has proven to be a time-consuming reality for Peter Larkin and his wife Judith who own a twelve-paddock 31acre lifestyle farm where until recently they had a mixture of horses, ewes and lambs.
STOCKade is the world’s leading manufacturer of fencing staplers, staples and other wire fixing systems so it’s no surprise there ST400i cordless fence post stapler is proving a hit.
Designed for use with 45 and 50 mm length STOCKade divergent point barbed fencing staples. This insulator is the ideal solution for building farm electric fencing. Use the ST400 pneumaitc fence stapler gun or the ST400i cordless fence stapler gun with the Insulator Guide Attachment for a no fuss installation. 
After a reasonable winter and benign weather continuing into the spring, the agricultural fencing sector has got off to a good start this year. We look at what Tornado is doing to enable its contractor customers to make the best of the promising start to the season. Tornado is first and foremost a fencing manufacturer, rather than a manufacturer of other things who dabbles in the fencing sector. It has a single-minded determination and focus which has arisen from its history – a history which saw the company develop from a contracting business. The Tornado team brings from that heritage a unique understanding of what it takes to design, manufacture and install an effective fence for every situation.
For solo fencing contractor Charles Saario erecting multi-strand wire fences on rural properties used to mean long hours of backbreaking work – often operating in difficult and hilly terrain. The 64-year-old former dairy farmer, who nine years ago became a full-time fencing contractor, lives in the sleepy Gippsland hamlet of Meeniyan (population about 500) and spends most of his days digging postholes and stringing wire on farms within a 35-kilometre radius of the town.
Steve Ostrom, the owner of Brookshill Orchard and Woodchoppers Cider is passionate about traditional British cider. So much so, he is progressively converting his 43-acre property, in Victoria’s Yarra Valley, into a specialty cider orchard growing a mix of traditional cider and common table apples.  In 2014 Steven hired local fencing contractor Alan Berry (TruLine Rual Fencing) to build an espalier style trellis system and together they have just completed stage three of a 5-year project.
With a 340 hectare beef block to run single-handedly, Kaiwaka farmer Marty Roest has to manage his time carefully. The farm currently has around 23km of wire and batten fences and 32km of four-wire electric fences, so the hours he spends on fence building and maintenance can add up significantly. After seeing the Stockade ST400i Cordless Fencing Stapler in action at last year’s Fieldays, Marty says the decision to purchase one was easy. “One of the biggest benefits of the ST400i is that it is very fast and easy to use,” he says. “A farm this size is a one-man operation, so anything I can do that saves me time is very worthwhile.” 
David from BDLMI electric utility equipment explains how the ST400i stapler is used within the utility industry. 
Building and repairing fence is one of those jobs that is as much a part of rural life as riding a tractor. Whether on a livestock operation where it is important to keep critters in or on a vegetable farm where it is important to keep critters out, fencing is an unavoidable task. Anyone who has done fence work knows how exhausting it can be to drive nails or staples into an endless row of fence posts.
Straight out of New Zealand, where a lot of good cattle ideas come from, is this beauty. The award-winning STOCKade ST400i stapler is a heavy-duty cordless gun that holds 50 staples and, through a combined fuel cartridge and battery system, delivers one heck of a punch, enough to drive into any wooden post out there. Where was this when I was on the job?
I like the catch phrase ‘farming smarter, not harder’ and two new tools from Stockade, the ST315i batten stapler, and ST400i post stapler certainly tick that box.
Since we first started adapting Paslode power actuated nailing tools for fencing applications, STOCKade has been determined to deliver fencing staple solutions which deliver better results; faster and safer than traditional hand stapling. STOCKade staplers are becoming increasingly common across New Zealand as fencing contractors and farmers discover our tools revolutionise the way they fence. Benefits of the stapling tools are obvious to anyone who has used them, their ease of use means anyone can achieve a consistently high quality result and dramatically reduce the time it takes to staple off any fence with fewer aches and pains.
Building and repairing fence is one of those jobs that is as much a part of rural life as riding tractor. Whether on a livestock operation where it is important to keep critters in or on a vegetable operation where it is important to keep critters out, fencing is one of those chores that comes with the territory. Anyone who has done any amount of fence work knows how exhausting it can be to drive nails or staples into an endless row of fence posts.
STOCKade, Raczynski and Michelin received awards During the 2016 Agri-Trade Equipment Expo in Red Deer, Alberta, three pieces of technology were awarded Ag Innovations awards for their contributions to helping farmers complete their work.
Let’s face it. If there is one task that many cattle producers dread, it is installing and/or fixing fence. Put simply, it’s a pain, and for that reason it is often put off and ignored as long as possible. After all, it is time consuming, physically tasking and when it comes to ranching, it’s often a long ways away from the ranch.
On November 30, 2016, FenceFast, STOCKade’s Canadian distributor, attended the Ag in Motion Innovations Program awards ceremony at the Agricultural Manufacturers of Canada Convention in Calgary. Entering the STOCKade ST400i Cordless Fence Stapler, FenceFast won the Equipment Innovation Award and the People’s Choice Award.
Axle from FenceFast demonstrates how the STOCKade ST400i fencing stapler works at one of the largest expo in Canada. 
They’re not cheap, but this cordless fence stapler will make the job go at least five times faster, says its Canadian distributor.  Innovation drives the agriculture industry and a lot of it is on display at Agri-Trade.
Agri-Trade Equipment Expo has a record number of exhibitors for its 33rd year. One of Western Canada’s premier agriculture shows is already off to a good start with a record number of exhibitors.
Alberta Beef magazine interviewed Axle Boris from FenceFast, STOCKade’s Canadian distributor in their October 2016 edition. Fencing. It’s just part of being a stockman, but repairs, rebuilding or setting up new fence for cattle, sheep or wildlife are never easy. Now, a new go-anywhere tool makes stapling wire faster, safer, and a whole lot easier.
Putting up wire fencing can make for a long day. Running on a single fuel cell and single battery, this STOCKade ST400i fence stapler demonstrated this summer at Ag In Motion aims to cut the amount of time you need to get the job done. How does it perform? Watch this short video to find out!
Most of the fencing staple guns on the market have to stay within an air hose length of a compressor, which is not ideal for producers who need to follow fence lines through rough terrain. However, Stockade’s ST400i allows producers to shed the air hose tether while still maintaining the high productivity that staple guns allow.
Luke Smith from Pro Tool Reviews got hold of one of the first ST400i fence staplers to land in the USA. When he is not writing tool reviews Luke raises and trains horses in Tennessee, USA. To give the ST400i a real-life work out, Luke took ST400i down to the farm and put it to work repairing fences on his property. 
The development of STOCKade’s ST400i cordless fencing stapler was driven by farmers and fencing contractors who wanted a powerful and portable post stapling system that didn’t rely on compressors and hoses. Built to the same exacting standards as the globally successful ST400 pneumatic fencing stapler, the ST400i combines rugged design with a gas-powered system designed to fire nails into concrete.
At NZ National Agricultural Fieldays 15-18 July, STOCKade will release the ST400i Cordless Fencing Stapler.   The development of the ST400i was driven by farmers and fencing contractors, wanting a powerful and portable post stapling system not reliant on compressors and hoses.  Built to the same exacting standards of the globally successful ST400 pneumatic fencing stapler, the ST400i combines rugged design with a gas powered system designed to fire nails into concrete.
Richard has been using staple guns for the last 20 years and says he wishes he’d had the ST400i in his early days. Fencing contractor and farmer Richard Ross has been trialling the Stockade ST400i Cordless Fencing Stapler. Having been in the industry for 30-odd years, Richard has seen a few changes in tools and technology.
PEL and STOCKade are making electric fencing installation faster, more accurate and safer. Together they've created a worldfirst electric fence installation system, combining STOCKade's new ST400i cordless fencing stapler with a specially designed guide attachment and PEL wood post claw insulators.
After reviewing the STOCKade ST-400 staple gun last year, we thought we’d found the most convenient method for installing fencing staples. That was until we had a go of the new STOCKade ST-315i impulse fencing stapler, a tool which is so satisfying to use, you will find yourself wanting to staple just about every wire on the farm onto a timber post.
There’s a new breed of pneumatic wire fence staplers Installing fencing can be an incredibly time consuming task. AB Custom Fencing in Vanderhoof now carries and endorses STOCK-ade’s fencing stapler systems. They are the world’s only fencing guns activated by compressed air. No more driving fencing nails by hand, as any one of STOCK-ade’s guns will save you time and money.
Nailing barbed fencing staples into hard timber is difficult work. They never seem to go in straight, and tend to flatten out instead of being driven all the way into the post. There is now an alternative, as Josh Giumelli reports.