STOCKade can help overcome challenges in U.S. agriculture

Major challenges face today’s North American farmers. They struggle with the need to increase global food production over the next 40 years by 70 per cent. This needs to happen to meet the growing demands of nine billion people worldwide in future. This will be the only way to prevent a massive famine. 

These challenges include;

  • resource costs related to industrial agriculture
  • degraded farmland
  • excessive food waste coupled with food insecurity
  • urbanized public disconnected from farming 

In the past few decades, North American agriculture has become more industrialized. This places ever-greater demands on fossil fuel, water and topsoil resources. 

Petroleum products fuel trucks and mechanized farm equipment. It is also the base for synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. So, food costs are tied to increasing oil prices. 

The US Geological Society reported, the amount of water used for irrigation tripled since 1950. Climate models are now predicting that rainfall may become less predictable and dependable. Farmers need to be resilient in the face of rain bursts followed by extensive periods of drought. 

Farmers now plant cover crops, which salvage nitrogen to prevent it from leaching into groundwater. This is done avoid using supplements that combat continued topsoil erosion. 

There isn't one solution to solve the challenges farmers face. But, there is a tool that can help reduce costs and improve farm management. The STOCKade ST400i, the world’s first portable and cordless fencepost stapling gun. 

It is the perfect fencing solution. It takes all the hassle from what can otherwise be a painstaking and time consuming task. 

The STOCKade ST400i staple gun makes erecting wire fencing a lot easier and quicker. This means having lots of time for other jobs around the farm. 

All the farmer or contractor needs to do is tension the wire and then fire the staples into the post. This process takes about 30 seconds for a seven-wire-strand fence. 

Compared with the alternative of using a hammer, that takes four minutes. The hammer also has potential for blackened fingers and thumbs, which is eliminated by using the STOCKade ST400i. 

Another massive advantage of using the ST400i is the reduction in back strain. There is less bending required for shorter periods of time to fix the wire to the post. 

The ST400i’s cordless portability is a major benefit when erecting fencing around creek beds, or when more corner posts are needed. 

The ST400i comes with a built-in safety trigger and two batteries. Each battery charge allows firing up to 3000 staples.

The gun features a top load magazine of 4.0mm diameter zinc. It has a v-notch and wire guide for correct staple placement and improved holding power. Aluminium coated staples for the gun come in lengths of 40mm, 45mm or 50mm (region dependent). 

An adjustable drive depth enables greater staple placement flexibility and prevents wire damage.