Farmers Find STOCKade ST400i Staple Gun Easy to Operate

Erecting wire fencing by hand on his three picturesque Gippsland properties was always a grind for Jeff Buckland and it often took three days to recover.

“I’ve had a bad back for a long time and bending over to nail staples into fence posts with a hammer was never an easy task,” says the 48-year-old beef and sheep farmer who lives in the tiny community of Waratah Bay with a permanent population of about 50.

With three farms totalling 520 hectares on which he runs 900 mainly Angus beef and 600 ewes, Mr Buckland has plenty of both internal and boundary fencing to worry about.

“Much of the fencing is old and needs replacing and one of the properties is undulating with plenty of hills (which makes the task even more difficult),” he said.

So imagine his delight when manager Dale Thomas of local supplier Rodwells in nearby Leongatha in August last year introduced Mr Buckland to the latest development in fencing tools – a Stockade ST400i world-first, portable, cordless fence post staple gun.

“There is no doubt the staple gun makes erecting wire fencing a lot easier and quicker,” he said. “All I need to do is tension the wire and then fire the staples into the post.”

staple gun easy to operate

By hand, with always the potential for blackened fingers and thumbs from an errant hammer swing, each post used to take about four minutes to fasten seven wire strands of fencing.

“With the Stockade ST400i staple gun, it takes only 30 seconds – slightly longer for electric fencing with insulators,” Mr Buckland said. “The big advantage of the gun is I don’t have to bend over as much so my back is in much better condition.”

Of course, being a farmer with plenty of other duties on his three properties, fencing is only a part-time task.

“However, I have already used one box of 1000 staples renewing various sections and plan to use the gun to replace the remainder of the fencing in the foreseeable future,” he said.

With no attached hoses or cords to worry about the ST400i’s portability is a major advantage and Mr Buckland has found it particularly useful when dealing with the challenging task of erecting fencing around creek beds or when additional corner posts are needed.

He is not alone in his assessment. Other farmers also have been keen to acquire the Stockade ST400i fence post staple gun to help with what is otherwise a backbreaking task.

The ST400i comes with a built-in safety trigger and two batteries – each able to fire up to 300 staples before needing to be recharged.

The gun features a top load magazine of 4.0mm diameter zinc and aluminium coated staples, which come in lengths of 40mm, 45mm or 50mm, and has a v-notch and wire guide for correct staple placement and improved holding power.
An adjustable drive depth enables greater staple placement flexibility and prevents any wire damage.