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Certified Tool Solutions, Inc. is a family-owned and operated company located in Acworth, GA that specializes in repair and service of Ramset, Paslode and STOCKade tools, as well as drywall automatic taping tools. They also repair many other types of construction related tools such as dustless sanders. Craig Bailey, who with his wife Susan founded Certified Tool Solutions, Inc. (CTS) in 1997, has over 30 years of experience in the drywall tool repair industry.

Craig Cross is the third member of the CTS team says, “CTS is a Factory Authorized Warranty and Repair Service Center for Ramset Gas and Power Tools, as well as Paslode tools. We are also STOCKade’s Preferred Warranty and Repair Facility in the US.”

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Staple gun easy to operate

Erecting wire fencing by hand on his three picturesque Gippsland properties was always a grind for Jeff Buckland and it often took three days to recover.

“I’ve had a bad back for a long time and bending over to nail staples into fence posts with a hammer was never an easy task,” says the 48-year-old beef and sheep farmer who lives in the tiny community of Waratah Bay with a permanent population of about 50.

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Fencing stapler with Jeff

Jeff Payne is the Whites Rural territory sales manager for Tasmania. Jeff relocated from Queensland 11 years ago. Since starting at Whites, Jeff Payne has made it his mission to travel every country road in the Tasmania. "Living in Hobart means that I am on the road every week and spend a lot of time on the Midland Hwy travelling North. I have found that one of the best ways to meet farmers is to drive the back roads whenever I can."

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fence stapler with Peter L

The old adage that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence has proven to be a time-consuming reality for Peter Larkin and his wife Judith who own a twelve-paddock 31acre lifestyle farm where until recently they had a mixture of horses, ewes and lambs.

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Fence Staple Gun

For solo fencing contractor Charles Saario erecting multi-strand wire fences on rural properties used to mean long hours of backbreaking work – often operating in difficult and hilly terrain.

The 64-year-old former dairy farmer, who nine years ago became a full-time fencing contractor, lives in the sleepy Gippsland hamlet of Meeniyan (population about 500) and spends most of his days digging postholes and stringing wire on farms within a 35-kilometre radius of the town.

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Tornado Wire to raise the standard

After a reasonable winter and benign weather continuing into the spring, the agricultural fencing sector has got off to a good start this year. We look at what Tornado is doing to enable its contractor customers to make the best of the promising start to the season. Tornado is first and foremost a fencing manufacturer, rather than a manufacturer of other things who dabbles in the fencing sector. It has a single-minded determination and focus which has arisen from its history – a history which saw the company develop from a contracting business. The Tornado team brings from that heritage a unique understanding of what it takes to design, manufacture and install an effective fence for every situation.

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Steve Ostrom, the owner of Brookshill Orchard and Woodchoppers Cider is passionate about traditional British cider. So much so, he is progressively converting his 43-acre property, in Victoria’s Yarra Valley, into a specialty cider orchard growing a mix of traditional cider and common table apples.  In 2014 Steven hired local fencing contractor Alan Berry (TruLine Rual Fencing) to build an espalier style trellis system and together they have just completed stage three of a 5-year project.

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With a 340 hectare beef block to run single-handedly, Kaiwaka farmer Marty Roest has to manage his time carefully. The farm currently has around 23km of wire and batten fences and 32km of four-wire electric fences, so the hours he spends on fence building and maintenance can add up significantly.

After seeing the Stockade ST400i Cordless Fencing Stapler in action at last year’s Fieldays, Marty says the decision to purchase one was easy. “One of the biggest benefits of the ST400i is that it is very fast and easy to use,” he says. “A farm this size is a one-man operation, so anything I can do that saves me time is very worthwhile.” 

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