Brian West – Territory Manager, Southeast USA

Brian 001

Where do you live?

Baxter, Tennessee

What brought you to Stockade?

I moved over to Stockade after 14 years with a company called WW Livestock Systems. WW Livestock built cattle handling and rodeo equipment, and a lot of animal containment equipment. It was pretty interesting work and I learned a LOT about being a Territory Manager. A mutual friend introduced me to Jim Todd (Stockade). The rest, as they say, is history.

What is the first tool you ever bought and why?

At 23, I started on the training program for the Tennessee farmers coop program and Dad put me together a toolbox. A couple of hammers and lots of wrenches. Those are the first tools I remember being mine. Now I have a shop full.

What are you up to when you are not at work?

I’m usually either golfing on one of the local courses or shooting at the gun range an hour south of me, and you can add fishing to that list. Golf is what happens when you get too lazy to fish!

What makes you laugh without fail?

My wife. We ‘get’ each other’s humor and she’s hilarious.

What’s one life lesson you live by?

I learned from the first Co-op manager I worked for that if you treat people the way you like to be treated, you’ll very rarely go wrong. I still hang on to that over 20 years later.