Erik Elliott – Territory Manager, Northeast USA

Erik Elliott

Where do you live?

York, Pennsylvania

What were you doing before joining Stockade?

I worked for Keystone Fencing Supplies which is a distributor with us now. Jim Todd brought the Stockade product in and I thought ‘this power stapler is really cool’. Things got firing on all cylinders. I met some of the characters from New Zealand and that brought me over to ITW.

What has been the biggest influence in your life?

By far it has been getting married, becoming a parent and watching my children grow into adults.

What is your favorite sport?

College Wrestling. It is man against man, and it’s a team score.

Favorite movie?

“GoodFellas”. A classic gangster movie and a great story with great actors.

Do you have a saying you live by?

Yes. We all have choices to make. Choose to be a good person first. Everything else will work itself out.

When you’re not on the road with Stockade, what are you up to?

Usually, I’m helping my daughter with her small farm, spending time with my wife or hiking with the dogs and I’m keen to head to New Jersey to see my son when I can.